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If your company manufactures and/or distributes products and services to biomedical equipment technicians, service engineers, clinical/biomedical/radiology engineers, or other technical service and support professionals in health care, you'll want to be included for FREE in the 24x7 Buyer's Guide.

An extensive resource tool that reaches our 16,500 subscribers with bonus distribution at major industry trade shows, the 24x7 Buyer's Guide includes a complete yellow pages-like listing of products and services available to technical service and support professionals in health care as well as a white pages-like listing of companies serving the industry.

If you are not currently listed in our Buyer's Guide, we want to hear from you. Please add your company's free listing in the 24x7 Buyer's Guide by selecting the "Add Your Company" button below. We will email you a code to access and complete your company's listing and to make future changes/updates.

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